NAME:               Kevin L. Mitchell



PHONE #:          913-708-8038

CELL #:              913-278-9937

Twitter:              Kevin L. Mitchell@Lasttraintocoop

Facebook:          Kevin L. Mitchell @blackrootsinbasebll

2 responses

  1. Hi Kevin.

    I am trying to find out for which team in the Negro Leagues did Brooks Lawrence play for. I know he played 1948 and 1949 in the Negro Leagues But I can not find for which team he played. An Internet search brought me to your page – can you help me out? P.S. Have your book Last Train a great read thanks.


    1. Brooks Lawrence never played Negro League baseball. After returning from military service in 1945, he played college baseball for two years at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and signed by the Cleveland Indians in 1949. The Indians traded him to the Cincinnati Reds in 1953 and he was then drafted that same year by the St. Louis Cardinals. He was one of the first African American All Stars (1956) who was not a former Negro League player.

      Great to hear you enjoyed my book!


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