Last Train to Cooperstown:  The 2006 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees from the Negro League Baseball Era is now available.  Banned from the Major Leagues due to racial discrimination for nearly the first half of the 20th Century, African Americans had their own teams and formed their own leagues.  In 2005 there were 24 former Negro League players in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  However, this did not give Negro League baseball the recognition it deserved for its contributions to the sport.  A committee of baseball historians recommended seventeen other deserving inductees for the 2006 Hall of Fame class.

This inadvertently shut the door on future inductees for the Negro Leagues.  Hopefully with more research of the era in the future, other will be added.  But metaphorically, there will never be another train to Cooperstown from Negro League baseball like in 2006.  Last Train to Cooperstown uncovers and brings to light, the deep, unshakable, and everlasting roots African Americans have in America’s great game as it profiles the 2006 Hall of Fame inductees from Negro League baseball.

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Last Train to Cooperstown currently available only at author presentation – $13.95



Signing for Stevie

Book Signing on June 20 at the Barnes & Noble Zona Rosa location in Kansas City, MO.


The following three pictures are from Authorfest, March 20, 2016 at Barnes & Noble in Independence, Mo.

BN event 2

Book signing poseSigning books 2



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  1. Can we buy your book, if we send postage etc…?


    1. I will contact you when I get copies of my book next month.


  2. Terry Hersperger | Reply

    Hello Kevin, Am interested in purchasing 2 copies of your book. Please tell me how this can be accomplished.
    Thanks, Terry


  3. Hello, I am Leon Pepper Daniels daugher DeDe Daniels. I would like to get as much information as I can on my father and his career. If you can suggest where I might find this. I appreciate it. Thank you in advance.


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