Happy New Year!

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A belated Happy New Year! Thanks to all who supported my blog on www.klmitchell.com  in 2015.  Your encouraging feedback inspired me to continue providing content for it each week.

Thanks to everyone also for the support you gave my first book, Last Train to Cooperstown. ( http://booklaunch.io/kevinlmitchell/last-train-to-cooperstown)  The response towards it last year was fantastic and I anticipate more activity surrounding it in 2016.  This coming February and April I will discuss it during my program, “Negro League Baseball: The Deep Roots of African Americans in America’s Great Game”, that will be presented at several branch locations of the Mid-Continent Public Library System in the Kansas City area.

My blog’s focus for 2016 will be the time period when the “invisible color line” for professional baseball was erased and the process of integrating Major League baseball began; the late 1940s and the 1950s. It was a period of joy, but also frustration for African American and dark-skinned Latino ballplayers.  The door to the Major Leagues had opened, but the process of integration was slow due to the prevailing racial prejudice and discrimination.  Also occurring in the period was Negro League baseball’s final descend into oblivion.

Continue to enjoy http://www.klmitchell.com in 2016 and spread the word about it!






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